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  • HO AFXTRA'S Body 1932 Hot pepper GREEN Sedan, Blown Motor OGOES body
  • HO AFX XTRA'S Body1932 Hot pepper Turquoise Sedan, Blown Motor OGOES body
  • HO AFXTRA'S Body 1932 Hot pepper TAN Sedan, Blown Motor OGOES body
  • HO AFXTRA'S 1 64 Body 1932 Hot pepper PINK Sedan, Blown Motor body AFX
  • HO AFXTRA'S Body 1932 Hot pepper GRAY Sedan, Blown Motor OGOES body AFX
  • HO AFXTRA'S HO 1 64 Body 1932 Hot pepper Red Sedan, Blown Motor OGOES body
  • HO AFXTRA'S Body 1932 Hot pepper Snow WHITE Sedan, Blown Motor OGOES body
  • HO AFXTRA'S AFX Body 1932 Hot pepper Light Metallic GOLD Sedan, Blown Motor


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